As this process unfolded, I was trying to figure out what these images wanted to become - what they were meant to be. I delved into many specialized areas of study and thought - and often found myself out of my own depth. Every stone I turned revealed countless new potential directions.

I knew I didn’t want to impose my own expectations on the work more than I had to. And in order to let this project evolve, I had to leave some pretty beautiful works on the cutting room floor and kill more than just a few darlings. I could not force a piece of the puzzle to fit, and I could not first decide what the matrix should be and later insert the works. As a rule, I tried to operate under the following questions, in this order: What does this image evoke or seem to point to?  Could there be a relative place in the layout for its meaning or not? But it was ultimately a dynamic and non-linear process with steps that I could not retrace if I tried.

As I continued to research, read, and contemplate, it started to become clear that I was dealing not so much in symbols, theories, or even meanings per se, but in essences - and not in subtleties or some area of specialized knowledge, but in macro concepts. The content became so broad and so universal that it felt like I was trying to tell the whole story of humanity from its origins to its potential conclusions. And trust me, few things have made me feel more self-agrandizing than thinking I was doing that. But the concepts kept coming up broad, so I kept going with it.

The best part about it in the end, is that the meanings of the works themselves are accessible, universal, and digestible. But their scope also makes them very complex and therefore virtually inexhaustible. The titles were not taken from the names of a Mars moon, obscure Hermetic texts, or alchemical terms (all of which were contenders at one point in time). But the meanings that finally came forth, while vast and impactful, are generally familiar. This is pleasing to me because I really want my work to be relatable, transparent, and unpretentious - even if it is esoteric and cerebral in process and in nature.

Everyone will see and experience this work differently. You may see something vastly different than what I see. Where I see chaos, you may see harmony. Where I see a machine, you may see a flower. You might think the whole matrix is a jumbled mess comprised of my own delusions - and it might be. But my hope is that this will remain a living, breathing body of work. And most importantly, I hope that people enjoy it.


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